Napoli Painting Services Inc. consists of all types of jobs including:


Interior and Exterior  

Venetian Plaster

Spraying (Coatings)


Spatter/Knockdown (All Finishes)

Textured Finishing  

Epoxy Coatings

Faux (All Finishes)

Wallpaper (Residential & Commercial)

Sheetrocking & Spackling

Skim Coating

We Are Green Certified

Wood Refinishing  

Cleanup Included

Metallic Spray Painting


Napoli Painting Services Inc. is one of the tri-states's premier painting contractors, providing expert painting, specialty coating, wall-covering to the metropolitan area’s most reputable businesses and institutions since 1997. We have developed a solid reputation in the painting industry for quality, reliability and affordability through our honest and dedicated approach to client satisfaction.



The Tapestry: New York, NY

Date Completed: 2012

Reference Company: Lettire Construction

Reference Phone: (212) 996-6640



Trump Building:Jersey City, NJ

Date Completed :2012

Reference Company: Dinaco Contracting Corp.

Reference Phone: (718) 823-5300




Prospero Hall: New York, NY

Date Completed : 2014

Reference Company: Bruno Frustaci Contracting Inc.

Reference Phone: (718)-567-0229




Morris Avenue: Bronx, NY

Date Completed:2017

Reference Company: Monadnock Construction

Reference Phone:(718) 875-8160






Lettire Construction


Trump Plaza 




Bruno Frustaci Contracting

Giant Taping & Plastering


J. Pilla Group


C & S Construction


G. Fazio Construction


Monadnock Construction

Mega Construction

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